Matthew Clark Davison

We've been working with Matthew for several years now. Every couple of years or do, we do a re-design of this website to freshen it up a bit. And it's always a pleasure to work with Matthew. The latest iteration of his website is our finest collaboration yet, in our opinion. The design is very simple—minimalist without wanting for flash. It presents the important content to his existing and potential clients and student. The site is built on a robust content management system, allowing for easy expansion of features as needed, affording Matthew the ability to log into his site to make changes and post blog entries.

Please visit the website we designed for him and check out the services he offers as a writing teacher, notably "The Lab".

"Alec is a real pro. Because I had a very clear idea of what I wanted, Alec approached my site redesign as if it were a collaboration. He listened carefully, asked relevant questions, and made spot-on suggestions so my writing clients could get the maximum amount of relevant information in the minimum amount of time.

Without over-relying on me, he engaged me in every step, and delivered on 100% of my requests. His stylistic eye is that of an artist--and while I'm a writer and writing coach, his design-choice to incorporate my own amateur photography has worked well to communicate who I am as an individual in an arguably saturated market. As a host, his customer service support and patience and kindness is unmatched. I give him my highest recommendation."

Matthew Clark Davison, San Francisco
Writer & Educator